ESDIN — European Spatial Data Infrastructure with a Best Practice Network — a project supported by eContent+ programme

   The ESDIN project has been successfully implemented and finished due to the plan end of February 2011.

The results and achievements of the project were presented at the well atended ESDIN closing workshop on 29th March 2011 in Brussels. For more information about the outcomes find the summary of the public deliverables on our web site. If you are interested to discuss with experts involved in the ESDIN projects and colleagues from the SDI community, please visit the EuroGeoForum



  • A bridge between the theory and the practice — from the INSPIRE Directive towards implementation and usage of interoperable geographical data by Spatially enabled Societies
  • A partner for JRC and spatial oriented communities (involved into the INSPIRE Implementation), cooperating with other eContent+ supported projects GIS4EU and OneGeology-Europe.
  • A platform for discussion of experts ( — blogs, voting), Best Practices Networking within the SDI creating communities and initiatives, internal and external
  • A challenge to achieve the target — to enable the access to the geospatially referenced data for a INSPIRE Annex1 themes at a European or local level
  • An answer for the requests of the users — decision makers in the European structures, civil protection, risk management, environment, enterprise, transport, housing, healthcare, regional development and more.


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The ESDIN project has been successfully implemented and finished due to the plan end of February...
was held in Brussels after the successful implementatin of the ESDIN project under the title:...