Summary of the ESDIN Project public deliverables

28 February, 2011

This page provides you with an overview of the ESDIN project achievements and results. Printed versions of the Summary and the Final report are also available.

The latest article on ESDIN 'Mapping the future' in International Innovation written by Antti Jakobsson describes the results & achievements and challenges of the ESDIN project.

Summary of the public deliverables of the ESDIN project:

Content :

1. Project Management & Outcomes 7. Large scale data specification

2. Awareness&Dissemination

8. Metadata & Quality
3. Stakeholder Engagement 9. Process & Life cycle management
4. Data access&Licensing Policy 10. Transformation spec.
5. Technical Architecture 11. Interoperability services
6. Small&Medium scale data specification 12. Tests


No Del. Title Size [MB]
1. Project Management and Outcomes
 1 D1.10.1 Annual Report 4.0
 2 D1.10.3 Final Project Report 2.8
    Final Review Report 3.1
2. Awareness and Dissemination 
 3 D2.1 Project Branding 0.1 
 4 D2.4 Project Web site 0.5
 5 D2.5 Promotional Material 0.3
 6 D2.6 Final Project presentation 3.1
3. Stakehoder Engagement  
 5 D3.3 Final report on user requirements 0.7
 6 D3.4 Report on deployment of project results 3.1
4. Data Access and Licensing Policy
 7 D4.4 Best Practice for a Licensing Policy  1.5
 8  D4.6 End user licence model 1.0
 9 D4.7 Guidelines for Pricing model 1.5
 10 D4.8 Report about the final workshop with data suppies, VAR's and users 0.4
5. Technical Architecture and Coordination
11 D5.1 EuroGeographics Technical Architecture 3.3
12 D5.2 Final version of EG technical Architecture 1.5
13 D5.3 Feedback to the INSPIRE Implem. Rules 0.3
6. Small and Medium Scale Data Specification
14 D6.1 Small/Medium Scale Data Specification 1.1
15 D6.2 ExM Data Specification 0.8
16 D6.3

Specification of the transformation between EBM/ERM/EGM and ExM data

D6.3 Annex A EXM Transformation_EBM

D6.3 Annex B EXM Transformation ERM

D6.3 Annex C EXM Transformation EGM






17  D6.4 Data model an specifications for ERM, EGM and EBM 0.4
7. Large Scale Data Specification
18 D7.1 The ExM data specification (large scale) 6.7
19  D7.2 ExM data spec.-large scale/implement.version 0.4
8. Metadata and Quality Guidelines
20 D8.1 Common data quality model for reference information in large and small scales 0.8
21 D8.2 Report on the common quality measures 0.5
22 D8.3 part1 Metadata Vision  0.2
23 D8.3 part2 Metadata Guidelines 0.4
24 D8.4 Final report of the quality - part A 2.0
25   Final report of the quality - part B 0.2
26   Final report on the quality - part C 0.3
27   Final report on the quality - part D 0.2
9. Process & life cycle management
28 D9.1 General Specifications&Guidelines for the maintenance of the edge-matched features at cross-border area  3.5
D9.2 combined with D9.3
General Specifications & Guidelines for the maintenance of stable UIDs at European level  1.7
30  D9.4 Specifications and life-cycle management per NMCA and for the EG pan-European products  0.6
10.  Transformation Specification
31 D10.2 Framework for specifying for transf. rules 0.3
32  D10.6  Generalization Rules for ExM medium to small scales  3.1
11.  Interoperability Services
33  D11.3 Best practices and pilot implementations for edge-matching and generalisation in WEB services or GIS environment  19.6
35 D11.6 Operational view/download services conf. to INSPIRE IR in the academic sector geospatialtestbed 0.5
36   Code used for the creation of E.L.F/INSPIRE demonstrator  
  12. ESDIN Tests 
37 12.4 Final test cases 2.95
38 D12.5

Test components

Test components available under BSD license v1.1 (10.08.2011): Support for WMTS tests and INSPIRE View Service Technical Guidance v3.0.



39 D12.6  Test report 3.6


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