Plug fest - demonstration of Shibboleth usage for INSPIRE compliant services

08 November, 2010

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The ESDIN project, in collaboration with the OGC, would like to invite you to a webinar demonstrating the use of Shibboleth Federations to protect OGC Web Services (OWS) on Thursday 18th November 2010 at 14.00 GMT .

An output from the OWS Shibboleth Interoperability Experiment, we will demonstrate a variety of different clients (some open source, some
proprietary) connecting to a number of protected OWS within the ESDIN Single Sign On Federation.

The event will be of interest to organisations wishing to setup secure INSPIRE compliant services. The value of the initiative is in demonstrating the use of the widely used Shibboleth open source software (an implementation of SAML) to protect unmodified OWS.

In the course of the Interoperability Experiment (IE) a number of vendors have used a reference implementation created by the ESDIN project to modify their client software. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the IE and see a variety of different clients authenticating and accessing a variety of services.

Registration is available together with more information..


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