ESDIN project closing workshop



The European Location Framework

Geospatial Reference Data and Services for INSPIRE'


The event was held on 29th March 2011 in Hotel Marivaux in Brussels, Belgium. Almost 200 participants from 32 countries around the world joined this festive meeting either in person or via web cast.

Find the agenda and presentations of the workshop. 

Presentations of the closing workshop - Hitchcock hall (main room)

No Title Presenter Size [MB]

INSPIREd by ESDIN - opening

►Web cast video 
Dave Lovell 0.6


►Web cast video
Ingrid Vanden Berghe 1.3

ESDIN: Scenarios, benefits and results

 ►Web cast video I, video II, video III, video IV +discussion
David Overton Arnulf Christl 3.0
4 ESDIN Data finder - video  David Overton  
5 ESDIN Data viewer - video Arnulf Christl  

 Breakout session 1

 Workshop One


Maximising access and use

►Web cast video I, video II, video III
Laila Aslesen 0.7
7 Geo-Product Finder - video Laila Aslesen  

Regional case study between Netherlands and Germany

►web cast video I, video II + discussion
Ko Van Raamsdonk, Just van den Broecke 1.2

ESDIN Progressing the ESDI through Best Practice Network

 ►Web cast video
Krister Olson 0.4

Workshop Two (room TATI, not webcast)

10 ELF Transformation specification Jens Bo Rykov, Anja Hopfstock 0.4
11 ELF Data Specifications Anja Hopfstock, Morten Borrebaek 1.4
12 Generalisation in ESDIN Romain Kereneur 0.7
13 Best practices and Pilot Implementations for Generalisation Lysandros Tsoulos 2.2

 Breakout Session 2

 Workshop Three


The European Location Framework - deployment of ESDIN results strategic and organizational issues

►Web cast video I, video II, video III +discussion
Antti Jakobsson 0.9

Edge Matching, Data Quality and Shared Services: Enabling Improved NMCA Interoperability Processes

►web cast video I
Matt Beare 1.8
16 ESDIN Data Quality - Demo - video Matt Beare 1.3
17 ESDIN Edge Matching Service - Demo - video Matt Beare 1.5
18 ESDIN Radius Studio - Demo - video Matt Beare  2.6
  Implementing ESDIN results within ELF:Process improvements for better interoperability... Nathalie Delattre 0.3

INSPIRE and the contribution of ESDIN

►web cast video I, video II
Daniele Rizzi  0.5
 20 Closing remarks Dave Lovell  0.7



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