Because the European Commission has the ambition to build a European Spatial Data Infrastructure (ESDI) based on the National Spatial Data Infrastructures in Member States. For this reason the INSPIRE Directive is the legal instrument. This project focuses on helping Member States, candidate countries and EFTA States prepare their data for INSPIRE Annex I themes:
  • Coordinate Reference Systems, Administrative units (including definitive national boundaries on medium/small scale)
  • Transport networks;
  • Cadastral parcels;
  • Hydrography.
  • Geographical names, at a range of scales, from a European view down to local view and improve access to them.
Because of acute necessity to aggregate (harmonize) data across Europe Because of achieving the elimination of the discrepancies between the localization datasets between the neighbour countries and at the pan-European level Because of providing data at the requested level to the users Because of enabling data- and web service connection between different communities
EuroGeographics represents 59 National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies from 46 countries across Europe.
The European geographical information knowledge community.

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The ESDIN project has been successfully implemented and finished due to the plan end of February...
was held in Brussels after the successful implementatin of the ESDIN project under the title:...