• Aggregate data through development of web based services for several INSPIRE themes at different levels of resolution from the European to the local level;
  • Implement services which will support the aggregation of ‘interoperable’ data in a more cost effective and efficient way;
  • Build sustainable best practice networks to ensure the organisational development necessary to achieve the goals of the project and its continuation afterwards;
  • Open the discussion forum for the experts from Spatial oriented community, with blogs, votings, RSS
  • Spread best practice in the integration of local (large scales) reference information with pan-European (medium/small scales) reference information, and interoperability with other data themes.
  • Test INSPIRE Implementing Rules and specifications in a live operational environment and recommend improvements where identified.
  • Develop, test and implement a minimum of processing services enabling the interoperability, such as:
    • Providing common semantics,
    • Support for multi-lingual aspects
    • Transformation of coordinates (to common coordinate reference systems)
    • Generalisation (from ‘large’ to ‘small’ scales)
    • Edge-matching (to address inconsistencies at national borders)
    During initial proof of concept stages, results will be used to create specifications to feed into the INSPIRE legal framework
  • Provide an ecommerce portal for access to all member state geospatial data, delivered through the ESDIN engine to provide the services which overlay, render and match the different data sets in a common way to the level of detail and accuracy required (longer term).
  • Public Description of Work is available.
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The ESDIN project has been successfully implemented and finished due to the plan end of February...
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