Become a bridge over the troubled geospatial data. Help Member States to prepare the data, improve the access to them. Harmonised and maintained pan-European data for some of the INSPIRE Annex I themes already exists at small scales but it is not fully 'interoperable', it is not maintained in the most efficient manner and does not meet the increasingly demanding requirements of users. Through organisational development and better implementation of existing technology it would be possible to improve the interoperability of, and cost efficiency with which, the existing datasets are maintained and to increasingly improve access to other reference themes at different levels of detail. Get together experts from different geospatial oriented communities, share the achievements in different projects and initiatives and create an open discussion forum for wide user’s community Stimulate the development, use and re-use of European digital content in global network.
EuroGeographics represents 59 National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies from 46 countries across Europe.
The European geographical information knowledge community.

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The ESDIN project has been successfully implemented and finished due to the plan end of February...
was held in Brussels after the successful implementatin of the ESDIN project under the title:...